Lessons Learned††

by Vic Paladini

†††† One of the best learning experiences is when motorcyclists gather in a forum to discuss how to ride better and how to spot riders that are unsafe.† During one of the Better Riding Seminars I use to teach I asked the question ďHow can you tell a poor rider from an experienced riderĒ?† Some comments:

†††† Road Hogs.† Itís the rider in front of you, in a group riding situation, who rides like a motorhome towing a jeep with both vehicles out of alignment - they are all over the roadway, or their lane, or both, at any given time.† They show a severe lack of concentration, attention to riding techniques, or inability to ride.† Give them distance!

†††† The Outrigger.† Itís the rider who drags one or both feet on the ground, or near to the ground, at anything below 20 mph.† As if the rider has a bionic leg that could actually stop over 500 lbs. of rolling inertia (your motorcycle) from falling over without destroying a knee or ankle joint. Get real!† Raise that foot ASAP! Donít be a foot dragger!

†††† Loud Pipe Save Lives.† Sure.† And if you really believe that, knowing that 73% of all motorcycle collisions come from the front, why donít they tape their horn button down, too?

†††† The LSD Rider.† Itís the rider who (target) fixates on the vehicle immediately ahead.† The rider is referred to as the LSD rider since post-crash the traffic officer is the first to hear the rider exclaim ďThe ... [insert - bumper, truck, load, etc.] ... was the Last thing I Saw before I went Down (LSD)!†

†††† The Costco Rider.† Itís the rider who wears a black $10 ďnoveltyĒ helmet because they have a $10 head.† Quality through and through.† Besides, itís fashionable to look like all the other riders who also have heads worth $10!

†††† Donít be one of these riders. Ride Safe, Sober, and Sanely and enjoy the experience!† Vic Paladini



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