Ride to Yellowstone

Len Robbins

August 2014

As many of you know, once every year or so I go off on what amounts to an impromptu road trip on my own, usually governed by business cycles and unexpected breaks in our hectic business schedule.  This year it happened again, so I headed off for NM, with the intent of possibly making it into Colorado.   

Part way into the trip, I got word from my V.P. that all was clear, and I should keep going.  So go I did.   Did most of the western slope in Colorado, went up into Wyoming, and since I was so close, why not do Yellowstone, too?  On the way north, I hit Dinosaur National Monument, Jackson Hole, and Grand Teton Park.   

It was a glorious 10 days (never broke out the rain gear once), mostly spent traveling, with a couple of full-day breaks in Telluride and Durango, the latter to spend a day tubing down the Animas River (what a relaxing day that was!) 

2815 miles  in total, the FJR ran like a champ the whole way, and for some reason was never passed by anyone.  No tickets, so no complaints there, either



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