Ride to Laughlin

November 2015

There were seven of us that went on this trip. Roger Austin, Dave Delie, Ron Foltz, Craig Littlefield, Jon Nicolussi, Dave Swain and John Willman. We separated into two groups going up and back. On the way up Roger had to go through Lake Havasu to get a latte. On the way back some people had to be home early. Dave Delie and Craig took the long way home on old Route 66, Mingus Mountain and Payson and got some rain. The other group went home on Vulture mine road and hit serious rain on I8. Ron's Story...

"We also had a good ride until about 20 miles outside Casa Grande. Then the adventure started. 4 of us stopped to get into rain gear. J ( I don't need any rain gear) Willman keep going getting ample protection from the touring windshield on his Yamaha? Monsoon conditions with heavy rain , lightning ,VERY strong cross winds and tumbleweeds blowing across the road made staying upright very tricky so we finally stopped under an overpass. Rain continued all the way back to Tucson. A ride we will remember for a while."

A video of Roger's waterproof BMW boots

Dave Delie, John Willman and Craig went up this way.

There was a Starbucks on this route up

The long way home. 500 miles of great roads

The fast way home with a good rain story.

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