My Kiwi-land Tour Final Report†
by Vic Paladini

My Kiwi-land Tour Part IV - Vic Paladini

My Kiwi-land Tour Part III†- Vic Paladini

My Kiwi-land Tour Part II - Vic Paladini 

My Kiwi-land Tour Part I - Vic Paladini 

†††† Iím in Auckland, New Zealand now and touring the city center. What a neat city but itís BIG.† So big that, in fact, they offer a bus that makes a 15-mile loop around the mid part of the city Ė for free!! You can just get off and on at any time with no cost to anyone who rides the bus. They call it the Link Bus.

†††† And I found a little tiny eating place that is on a back alley two blocks from my hostel. Itís called Korean Pancakes.† That is all they serve Ė pancakes with pork, or chicken, or beef, and you can add cheese and/or hot sauce in the pancakes. They cost $2.50 or $3 each and are 8Ē in diameter and about ĹĒ thick Ö and they are good, filling, and cheeeeep too!† LOL

†††† I just had one for a late lunch just 30 minutes ago (2 PM NZ time on Friday) with ham & cheese in it and it was fantastic!! I took a photo of the Korean couple who runs the sidewalk-front eatery.† The place is small Ė really really small!† They donít even have a cash register and/or sell drinks of any kind. No seats, no condiments, no nothing but pancakes.

†††† The local Auckland newspaper had an article about his business and I read that he sells 400 to 500 pancakes a day!!† Incredible!† Their customerís just walk up to the grill, tell them what they want in the pancake, pay their money, step back, and wait on the sidewalk for two or three minutes while they cook the pancake right in front of you.† They put them into a paper sleeve with a napkin and youíre off to eat it somewhere else!† Great food!!

†††† I have a rental car which is nice but parking is a problem here. The high rise garages in the city center charge $29 a day for parking Ė and that is once in and once out a day!† So, I drove around, asked some people, and found a garage 8 blocks from my hostel that charged me $45 for 72 hours of parking with unlimited in and out privileges.† Here, that is considered reasonable!

†††† Iím leaving Auckland on Sunday morning and first going to Calvary Chapel church then to the Cocomandel Peninsula, about two hours west from Auckland.†

†††† A bloke I met while motorcycling around the south island told me that I have to see the C-Peninsula (as they call it) since itís really beautiful with white sand beaches, walks next to the ocean, and sharks just offshore.† No swimming for me!!† LOL

†††† So, Sunday after church Iíll drive my cute right-hand-drive Hyundai rental car from Auckland to C-Peninsula. Iíll be there for three nights / four days. Driving on the left side of the road, in a right-hand drive car, is not that difficult.† What is tough is getting use to the fact that the turn signal stalk, called blinkies here, are on the right side of the column!†

††† I go to turn left and turn the WINDSHILD WIPERS on!!† I go to turn right and turn the WINDSHILD WIPERS on again!!† Dang!!† Other drivers laugh at me!!† I have a hard time to think that the blinkies are on my RIGHT hand Ö. but Iím driving down the left side of the road! Yikes!!

†††† I made a document about ďMy Impressions of New ZealandĒ and I'll have to share it with everyone when Iím done with it.† Itís interesting and pretty funny, especially they way the Kiwiís speeek (or squeek)!!†

†††† With love, Vic P

†††† On the very populated northern island of Kiwi-land.


[Ed Note:† Thanks Vic for sharing your Kiwi Adventure with us.† Some great pictures of what to expect in Kiwi Land.††

†††† The seasons are changing in the hemispheres, now itís our turn for beautiful weather and a scenic adventure.††† Ride safe.] 

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