Indian Country

Frank Ruffin

April 2015

I had a great ride up Indian rd #12, Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley. Great weather, from cool to  pleasantly warm, few cars, great scenery.

 Navayo Quality Inn hotels in Window Rock & Tuba City  were surprisingly pleasant ( clean & friendly) though in both locations they are very inexperienced on how to use their computers and screwed up the billing, so double check it at checkout time; friendly but not very competent people. Food was not great. Pass on the Navayo lamb stew!

The ride deserves 4 days if you want to see the sights. We pushed it in 2 nights and 3 days with 350+ miles each day & little time to stop to admire the views. We approached Monument Valley from the North & discovered that it is much more dramatic then coming from the South ( which I had done years ago by car). Do it if possible in the AM to have the sun in your back( makes for better pictures). 


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