Winter Riding with Mike Hoppe

Have not put a ride report out for awhile but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been out there!  I’ve been continuing to explore north of RailX and have found a couple of really sweet technical single tracks…Drew Simboli was out with me on one day after it’s “discovery”.  Mike Jones and his gang treated me to a trail high in the Tortillita Mountains (my backyard) that was brand new to me!   Aaaron Bartz and I did the 90 mile Arivaca run last week.  The amazing thing is the desert grasses are coming up again and stuff is greening up with all the winter rain…that means an awesome spring for desert flowers! 

A new camera has arrived in time for my B-day so future pics you might find a bit sharper…if I can figure out how to use it (Canon G10).  The pic of me was taken with a G10 by Drew…amazing what great equipment does in the hands of a pro photographer!

Drew, Sean and I got out this weekend to some of the loops 30 miles north of Tangerine/Rail-X where there is an incredible mix of terrain from miles of wide deep sand washes to gnarly singletrack.  Sean declared it as one of his best trail rides ever!  Pics are better than words…J


More rain last week fed an ever greening desert north of Tucson…

Drew, Jay and I headed out on a 100 mile exploratory run…some tracks I had seen a few weeks ago with Drew (about 35 miles north leading off into some hills) looked promising…so part of this ride was to map some previously unexplored territory. 

Unfortunately the first 200yards of 8 miles of woops (ten minutes from my house) resulted in a sheared footpeg bolt on my Xr650R.  A known design problem with the BRP (Big Red Pig), that I had corrected on this bike months ago had me a bit stumped…as it turned out, just a bolt failure…internally sheared the big 10mm (3/8ths) bolt.  I limped back to the house, diagnosed it, drilled out the stud deep in the frame, EZ outed it…and just happened to have a spare J.  Well if you have seen my garage lately that would not surprise you…I’ve accumulated more than enough XR650R spares and parts…but that’s another rabbit trail.  40 minutes from breakage to rejoining Drew and Jay on the trail.

Conditions were epic and traction at it’s best.  The exploring was well worth it (some amazing Cholla forests and gorgeous desert) with only one bushwacking session (GPS inspired heading towards an old track I had logged) terminating at a fence (wrong side) within sight of the trail we were aiming for.  A perfect winter day!

Oh yea, first outing for the new Canon G10 camera too!


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