Colorado Round 2 at 3:45 am I launched to beat the heat after unsticking my leg wound from the sheets just hours after I dropped my bike for the first time ever in my garage...taking most of the skin of my calf with it...
but it got at 4am, pitch black,  I made the turn on Oracle toward Catalina and got HAMMERED with rain for the next 45 miles...and the temp dropped from 84 to 62 much for my beating the heat plan! 
514 miles later (2pm) I pulled into Priests Gulch campground for the 2nd time in 5 weeks.  The next day hooked up with Bill Zwick of Tucson on his RT for a Thursday am (beat the holiday rush) run into Telluride.  Chris Parker (On Any Moto) and John showed up Saturday for a couple of days to test out some new camping and cooking gear, and to ride a bit too!
The ride home started at 40 degrees, and pegged at 107 outside of Florence...67 degree delta in 7 hours...that'll test the range of your riding gear for sure!
I might just get back there one more time this's awesome!

Mike Hoppe 


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