Guess it was Our Turn

by Deb and Gary Blomstrom 

     Death Valley Daze: a pleasant non-rally that can be reached in a day if you leave Tucson early. But it’s much more fun to plan an overnight in Laughlin with a bunch of your fellow SEAT riders. The next day's ride to Death Valley National Park is usually a piece of cake.

     Not too many of us made the ride this year. Predictions of rain and wind in the flats and snow in the mountain passes kept the attendance below 20.  Still a good time, just more leftover stew. 

     Until Murphy flips his little finger at you, deadlines your bike, and leaves you thinking of what might have happened. Fortunately what came out of it was a giant debt of gratitude from us to Don Schweiger and Carl Mueller.

     Saturday afternoon Deb was backing her 2002 R1150 into a slot at the Furnace Creek Hotel.  Suddenly a cloud of smoke appeared around her engine. Thinking it came from her Camelback leaking, she quickly removed herself and the bag in the same motion while hitting the ignition switch, smart girl.

     A very short troubleshooting session discovered the front brake line had failed. A small hole near the upper swedge would spray brake fluid on the exhaust header pipes each time the brake handle was squeezed. No duct tape or Super Rubber Stretch Fix-All tape was going to fix this one.

     No brakes, 600 miles from home, in a location where the cheapest hotel was $120 a night may not be the worst of times however...enter the SEAT group.

     As small as our gathering was by the time Deb and I got through with the “what ifs,” Harb Lill was already at the SEAT Base Camp investigating who had room for a hitch home, or, better yet, room on a trailer. After lots of conversation among the group members, it boiled down to Don and Carl.  Carl got the honor of riding home and Deb rode in the truck with Don. Not only did Don drive Deb home but he even delivered the motorcycle to Iron Horse.

     Gary's bent front rim, the trailer tires, and the snow and rain are more than enough for several more war stories.

     Thanks again to both Don and Carl!

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