Green Desert

 by Mike Hoppe 

John Cartwright (owner of Ironhorse BMW), Brian Blangstead (owner of Tucson Moto tours), Brian Sterrett (owner of Holy Ground Electric) and Mike Hoppe (owner of well, uh, jeez, I guess I’m just lucky these guys let me ride with them…J) headed out at 0’dark-thirty to go see what the rains had done to our winter stomping grounds.  At least that was the plan.  Personally, I didn’t get to see much of anything…I was way to intent on trying to keep Cartwright and Blangstead on the radar screen!  This was John’s first outing on his KTM 525 and it took him about 10 minutes to figure out he could go really fast on it!     

We launched from Brian’s house which is about 5 miles southeast of Three Points in the shadow of Kitt Peak.  Brian leads off road tours and knows that area inside and out (there are hundreds of miles of trails/roads) so he took us on a couple of loops I had never done…some great new technical/rock sections! … and now I have added them to my GPS tracks collection!   

The desert was awesome and we encountered everything from big washes that had been totally rerouted to dusty untouched trails.  It was at the end of one such dusty bypass that (trailing the pack and having zero visibility) I almost endowed the XR in a VERY deep water/mud puddle…not a good idea to bury the front end in 2 feet of water and mud when the back end is still trying to accelerate…J

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