The Grand Tetons

By Bob Muller  

     I received an E mail from my nephew in Riverton, UT saying he wanted to take a bike trip to Jackson, WY to see the Grand Tetons. So in early June we packed the GS and headed for Riverton, UT. I mapped out a trip plan from Sonoita that took us the long way to Flagstaff via Tombstone, Elfrida, Willcox, Safford, Globe and Payson. We lucked out on the weather since it was a cool ride all the way to Flagstaff.

     I was interested in traveling US Hwy 89 north from Flagstaff through Utah. The farthest North we had been on US 89 was the turn off to Bryce Canyon. Also, I wanted to stop at Marysvale, UT to check out the ATV riding that it is popular in this area. On arrival to Marysvale there were ATV’s all over the place. It is legal to ride ATV’s on the street in Marysvale and there are ATV trails leading out of town that go for miles. We may return there some day with our RV Toy Hauler and ATV’s to check out the trails.

     We arrived at our nephew’s home at noon on a Friday where we would spend the night and then travel to Jackson, WY on Saturday. Since we arrived early I decided to wash the bike. While we were washing the bike Marianne discovered a foreign object in the rear tire. I checked the pressure and it was at 10 lbs. Bummer, this tire was almost new. Fortunately, we weren’t far from the only BMW dealer in Utah. $161 later I had a new tire mounted and balanced. If you are riding through North Salt Lake City check out the BMW dealer there. This is a beautiful facility with lots of eye candy and plenty of opportunity to use your credit card.

     Saturday morning we headed for Jackson. From Riverton we had to travel north on I15 to get to the turnoff for Logan, UT and US 89. US 89 is a beautiful ride that takes you past Bear Lake, UT into the southeastern tip of Idaho and finally into Wyoming. We were traveling north on a detour (WY 89) with my nephew leading. He did not see the highway patrol vehicle traveling south soon enough and he received a citation for $67 for doing 76 mph in a 65 mph zone. As he said “well we got that out of the way”. Back on US 89 traveling north which parallels the state border between Idaho and Wyoming and then follows the Snake River to Hoback Junction, WY. From there it is a short ride to Jackson where we would spend the night. Be prepared for expensive lodging in Jackson. The Motel 6 was $88 a night. We chose another motel in the center of town for $71 a night. It was an older refurbished motel that was clean and was ok for one night. That night in Jackson was spent partying at a couple of the local watering holes. Don’t miss the Million Dollar Bar if you go there.

     Sunday morning we arose feeling a little foggy but we headed for Grand Teton National Park anyway. The Grand Tetons are an awesome sight. The attendant at the entrance was motorcycle friendly. He let us in the park for free instead of charging us the usual $10 motorcycle fee. Nice guy. After we photographed the Tetons extensively we headed back to Jackson for lunch and then south for home. When we arrived at a junction near Sage, WY my nephew and his girlfriend headed west to return home and we headed south to Green River, WY. From Green River we traveled WY 530 through Flaming Gorge. This is another beautiful bike ride. Here we connected with US 191 south, which took us to Moab, UT and Arches National Park where I shot some more photos. Then to Springerville, AZ where we spent the last night of our trip. The next morning we rode US 180 to Silver City, NM and then down NM 90 to Lordsburg, NM. Big mistake! There is major road construction on NM 90 just north of Lordsburg. My advice is to avoid NM 90 the rest of this year. The last leg of the trip was on AZ 80 and AZ 82 back to Sonoita.

     Now we are looking forward to our trip to Sonora, CA to visit my Mom and tour the gold country of California.


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