Friday Ride with Craig's Group

Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

August 2012

Craig Littlefield, SEAT’s past web master, is the “other” SEAT member who enjoys getting a group of liked minded riders together on any given Friday for a...let’s say...”spirited” ride around Southeastern Arizona.  Most of Craig’s Friday rides are on pavement, though every so often a bit of off-road is thrown in for good measure.   This Friday the ride would be to Benson for breakfast then south to Bisbee for coffee, all on pavement.

The BMW GS, the McGuyver of motorcycles.

Craig and the guys had just arrived as Wanda and I pulled into the Apple Farm Bakery’s parking lot in Benson.  Craig, Roger, Dave, Chris, Jeff, and Len were shedding their gear and chewing over the first leg of the day’s ride.  Nice collection of bikes, for sure.  Note the well outfitted GS or two in the group.  They’re definitely ready for one of Craig’s off-road Friday rides.
(L to R) Dave, Roger, Chris, Len, Jeff, Deryle, and Craig.
The Apple Farm Bakery has been the site of quite a few SEAT Lunch Gatherings over the years.  They do a good breakfast and lunch, and are reasonably priced.  We pulled a couple of tables together and enjoyed our meals and told tall tales.  Try their apple pie a la mode sometime, way too good.
Roger having the Apple Farm Bakery Apple Pie A-la-Mode!  The food was delicious!

After breakfast it was off to Bisbee for coffee.  To add a few miles of back roads, the ride to Bisbee would be via Davis Road to Frontier Road, then Double Adobe to Highway 80.  Davis Road was in good shape and the speeds immediately elevated to “spirited” and above.  Frontier Road on the other hand had signs of serious flooding.  More than one dip was covered in washed-over dirt and a few had standing water.  The rains over the last couple of days have been generous to say the least.

The Bisbee Coffee Company always does a good Latte and is a great place to meet up at and hang out for a bit.  Their scones, in my not so humble opinion, are the best around.  We gathered up a couple of tables out on the patio and enjoyed our coffee in pleasant temps and most of all, in great company.

As slow as Wanda and I were, we all got to Bisbee at the same time!
Relaxing on the patio at the Bisbee Coffee Company.  

Surprise, surprise!  Diane Moore, SEAT’s Treasurer and all around nice gal, just happened to be driving by and stopped to say hi.  It’s a small world if you’re a SEAT member.

Seemed all at once we all knew it was time to go, the rains were coming and it was time to ride.  Tucson bound riders would have to contend with some moisture…a couple got sprinkled on, a couple got dumped on!  Wanda and I didn’t see a drop, beautiful riding the whole day.  It’s that time of year when the riding can be soooo sweet...then Mother Nature rains on your parade.

Good meeting up with everyone.  Thanks Craig for putting together another great Friday ride.

Watch those dips this time of year and ride safe…

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