Frank Ruffin's Extended California Trip

April 2007  

Great trip to Alpine with the group, & after trying involuntarily to slide my RT under a Barbed wire fence ( see picture).By the way a big thanks to the whole group who delicately untangled the bike from the wire (with the assistance of the owners of the land) and to Skip who found and straitened the muffler which was the only mechanical issue which could have stopped my trip.
 I  continued Sunday North of Santa Barbara and North of Gaviota off Hwy 1 to Jalama road ; gorgeous winding rd. among century old oaks & ending on the beach by Point Conception, what a view, what a beach with wales off shore, the ocean was so beautiful  . Next day to San Simeon bay by the Hearst castle ( in my previous life I anchored often in this quaint bay, come see it before they build a golf course there!. 

Then back South & West by  Santa Rosa Creek & Hwy 46, Also stunning landscape with almost vertical slopes & at time riding in 1st gear at 10 mph.

Then a short ride south on 101and then west on Hwy 50 to Bakersfield; a combination of sometimes beautiful moments followed by hellish landscapes. Long ride with no gas station for 82 miles, It was hard to believe I was still in the US.

My second mistake of the trip: home sick(!) I decided to make it strait back from Bakersfield to Tucson; left at 430 AM got home at 830PM. With 50+ mph gusting winds on Hwy 58 & I 40 blowing at right angles, it was a nightmare riding  for hours.   The wind almost blew the bike from it's kickstand when I tried to stop. I should have stopped as earlier planned at Parker dam to rest for the night; three days later my knees still hurt .

Overall I also had a great time and in ??? weeks I'll be back in the road. Iron horse is scratching their heads : there isn't anything on the outside which isn't scratched badly. 
That did not keep  people from  stopping me on 3 occasions to admire the RT; they hadn't even noticed it's condition!



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