Scotland 2014

By Franco Bertollini

"Whatsa behind me, does not matter."

Mr. Happy Puppet wanted the "anti-Tucson" for his summer ride…someplace green and lush; with water all around you, plants that won't kill you, and roads, roads, roads everywhere.  A bit of ancient history would be nice too.  Hmmmm….Scotland!!!

Mrs. Bertollini and I stuffed Mr. Happy Puppet into a knapsack and set out for 2 weeks in Scotland; 10 days on a rented F800GT, and the remainder on foot in Edinburgh.  We rented a cottage in Glenelg, on the west coast of the Highlands, opposite the Isle of Skye and with the last "turntable ferry" service to the island.  It was an inspired choice, providing a perfect spot for loops into the Highlands, including John O'Groats and the road to Applecross, the highest pass in the UK.

The GT never missed a beat, was comfortable and nimble on challenging "single-track" roads, and returned 62 mpg 2-up over 1900 miles.  We both were very impressed.

Here are a few pictures, and a link for a more complete chronicle of our adventure.  Enjoy!

yours in gasoline


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