The Bertollinis in New Mexico

by Franco Bertollini

The time had come for Mrs. Franco and I to escape the Tucson summer by heading into the high country.  Taos was the destination this year, with a beautiful house found on VRBO.  A few miles from town, it became our base camp and "relaxation central."   

We left on a Friday afternoon and mostly slabbed it to Truth or Consequences, with a quick run north on Route 27 and east on 152 just to break up the monotony.  Why T or C you ask?  Riverbend Hot Springs, a little oasis with private pools directly on the banks of the Rio Grande.  Funky and fun, with lots of "ahhhhh."  The next day, after a morning soak, it was on to Taos via the east side of the Sandia Mountains. 

Through the week we looped our way to Los Alamos (the museum is worth it), Vales Caldera, Pagosa Springs, Chama, Angel Fire, and eventually back to ABQ so the Mrs. could fly east and visit family.  I headed to Cloudcroft, the Sunspot Observatory (Kitt Peak's sister) and exploration of the Lincoln National Forest before heading home. 

Yours in gasoline,


"Whatsa behind me, does not matter"


Our Casita for a week in August.

We took the "high road" for some relaxation and loops into the surrounding countryside.





A wraparound deck with views to die for.


The Rio Grande Gorge bridge.


The gorge itself; flatlands on either side.


Proof that, as you climb, air resistance drops and...


ůspeed increases, who knew?




An Earthship.  A community of off the grid houses, each completely self-susta​ining.



In progress.


Abiquiu Dam.


The Lodge in Cloudcroft​.  Haunted?  Maybe...


A solar telescope in Sunspot.  This observator​y, like Kitt Peak, will be decommissi​oned in a few years unless they can sell it to a university or some other entity.  Anyone in the market for a good telescope?


The perfect end to every day!

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