Florence Off Road Ride - January 2006

By Mike Hoppe

John Cartwright, Michael Lansky, Brian Sterret, Jay Humphrey, Andrew Simboli, and Mike Hoppe endured the cold to head out for a dual-sport ride and scouting mission (for the dualsport/dirt clinic next week).  Well, at least John endured the 40 degree temps on the way up and back riding the BMW HP2…the rest were in trucks hauling the bikes!  One of the OTHER nice things about the HP2 is it has enough electrics to fire up heated gear, but unfortunately John had not quite got around to installing the heated grips! 

A 15 mile ride up Cochran road/trail to the Gila River and the Coke Ovens was a blast and uneventful until just after we started south from the River.  A fairly steep section with a blind corner had the outside track severely eroded and the 3rd Rider thru, Jay, couldn’t correct in time.  Jay is a special ops helicopter pilot for the air force and could have used some ‘copter rotor blades on his XR to get over this monster hole…unfortunately he forgot ‘em and the resultant high speed endo landed Jay 51 FEET past the point of impact…after a full flip!  Jay had some pretty significant blunt force impact to the chest but his conditioning, full off-road armor, and the grace of God had him up and walking within 10 minutes.   

The XR suffered minor damage considering the speed and force of impact, but a bent front axle, brake rotor, and caliper damage were minimal enough for Andrew and some helpers to rig the bike so it could be ridden out.  Jay is doing fine but is probably getting out of bed REALLY slow this morning… 

See ya at the clinic next week!

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