First Long Ride from the Passenger's Prospective
by Sioux Prince

I just returned from a LONG m/c trip. Dick & I rode to Grand Junction in 1 day-590 miles. We were meeting Tim & family for a long weekend. I wouldn't recommend it. You know we ride all the time at least 300 miles each weekend. This time I was exhausted. It takes 1 day to catch up.

If you plan on doing 500 plus days, I thought I would tell you some of my thoughts. 300 to 400 days are the most enjoyable as you can have some time to sight-see along the way. For example like when riding through southern Utah you will pass some beautiful sites like Zion, so be sure to take time to sight see.

First, make sure you are very comfortable. This includes no tight clothes, and layers so you can take off things or add them as you need them. While riding, you can unzip your jacket or close it up. If you think you might be cold--check all the large cities on your path to see the temperatures--wear silk long underwear. It is comphy , keeps out the wind and doesn't make you too hot.

Make sure that when you are on the bike nothing binds-like at your knees. Also make sure you like the angle of your knee-the pegs can be raised or lowered. If your back aches-this can be real important. I sometimes place my arm across my lower back to relieve pressure and give me a change of position.

One thing I love about riding is the time to observe the scenery and to meditate. With so much time, thoughts just fly through your head. Sometimes I carry a small pad & pen so I can jot these thoughts down. And remember you can always take pictures. I do sometimes, but the camera sometimes annoys!

A fanny pack is useful as you can have gum, candy and money handy-if you want it while riding.

And another thing-carry water. I have one of those camel packs, which I haven't started using yet this year, but it is almost warm enough.

We ALWAYS stop every 2 hours or 100 to 200 miles miles-according to the roads--Highways are a lot different from twisties. You should stop at a 'clean' gas station. You get a chance to go to the bathroom, get water or something to drink, get a snack if you feel dizzy, and top off the gas tank. You never want to run low on gas as some roads don't have stations close together.

I hope this doesn't sound too 'know-it-all" because it is just some thoughts I had last weekend that I hope will help make your long trips more fun.

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