Howard & Elsa in Chile - IV

Howard Schultz and Elsa Long's Report I From Chile by Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz and Elsa Long's Report II From Chile by Howard Schultz

Howard & Elsa in Chile - III

An update on Howard and Elsa's Trip.

We are still in Mendoza, Argentina. Elsa may have broken her foot or it is a bone spur. Way to much wandering around. We may backtrack 150 miles to San Rafael. Ran into the Gurkhas and the Santiago Riders, from Santiago, Chile, two biker gangs. Honest. Said to head back for the biker rally this weekend.  You know, general good guys
and cruisers...

BarBQ.... 30 rock bands, strippers, camping, 10pesos ($3.33) for the rally... a mini Sturgis... did I
mention strippers?

Photos are a problem in mendoza and most of where we have been in Argentina... old machines, fast internet. Some won´t recognize the USB hard drive. My pics are very large and resizers are few....

Still in Mendoza, Argentina. Temps around 100s, hot, very hot....

Elsa on the road,
Buenos Aires bikers
Howard in a Mendoza bike shop...
Argentina, long wait in the middle of nowhere

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