Sierra Vista Invitational Dual Sport Ride
by Tim Zierman 

     It's been said that the best part of off road motorcycling is the stories that come after a good ride.  Hey,  Ed Hertfelder enjoys publishing such stories from motorcycle enduros  and dual sport rides past.  Judging by the conversations (polite for B.S.) at the conclusion of the "first annual"  SEAT dual sport ride on December 7th, its participants suffered from similar pleasures. 

     Feedback was very positive, and  the weather was about as good as it gets.  There were no injuries beyond some minor scrapes and bruises  (some egos may have suffered but not too much).  A couple of participants'  bikes experienced minor damage or mechanical breakdowns.  A few got lost or as one rider put it - " I wasn't lost,  I knew where I was,  I just didn't know how to get where I was supposed to be."   But these are the type of incidents that make for good post event stories.  A measure of enjoyment was the fact that it was hard to get people moving after lunch because they were too engrossed in telling the Bisbee "support crew"  how much fun they were having!

     By the way,  Ed Hertfelder,  author of "Duct Tapes" honored us with his presence throughout the day.  Ed now lives in Tucson and although he doesn't ride anymore,  off road motorcycling is still near and dear to him.  Thanks Ed, for your support.

Eleven adventurous souls participated in the 131 mile ride which covered a variety of terrain including rocks, sand, mesquite brush,  up hills and down hills.  Cochise Motorsports showed their support by providing door prizes.  Everyone had a smile as they left the post event BBQ.

Tim Zierman


Riders:  Tim Zierman, Phillip Orth, Pete DeRosa, Ron Pelton, Steve Brown, George Oakes, Bob Thompson, Pat Walsh, Neil Clark, John Bocek, Paul Hargis.


Non-riders:  Vicky Rosen, Ed Hertfelder, Maynard Kreps, Deryle Mehrten.


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