South East Arizona Invitational Dual Sport Ride  

     If you were to ask six different people to describe their idea of a dual sport ride, you'd no doubt get six different answers.  This year's ride, which took place on Sunday, March 11, to coincide with the monthly SEAT lunch ride, provided two different routes.  The idea was to address different skill levels and motorcycle types.  Most of the participants seemed to enjoy the ride.  A major disappointment for the three people who worked so hard to make this an annual event, was that of the 24 people who said they’d be there only 11 showed up!

     This was the third year for this so called 'annual' event and it will probably be the last due to lack of interest.  What follows is a report from a SEAT member, Dean Hamilton, who was one of four participants who finished the 'challenging' route.

     Dean's report:  This year's South East Arizona Dual Sport Ride was exactly as promised, challenging.  Tim Zierman, Pat Walsh, and George Oakes did an excellent job of researching, laying out, mapping and tapping off this grand tour.  The logistics of gas stops, bag lunches, jump out spots, flag men, and authoring a great roll chart must have been a lot of work.

     Ron,  Rob,  myself,  plus Don and Jeff (two accomplished riders from Phoenix) formed a pact as we left the Widner Ranch start that "if one goes down,  we all go down"  and we local boys actually did that a couple of times.

     The course meandered through 166 miles of our beautiful island mountains and the outstanding valleys around Naco, Bisbee, and Tombstone.  The ride was hard at times but also a rewarding achievement with many lessons learned.  Don and Jeff learned just how vast and colorful this area is as the sun rolls across the ever-changing landscape,  Rob learned that he may have brought the proverbial bazooka to a knife fight - effective in the open but a handful in the tight stuff.  Ron confirmed the fact,  that if you think about the beer at the end of the ride, you'll get to the end of the ride; and I learned not to air up my tires in a dark garage without your glasses on, because 25 psi makes for a nasty handling rock hopper.

     All in all, it was a good day, for a good ride, at a good place, in good company!

Dean Hamilton

 Riders:  Neal Clark, Pete De Rosa, Jeff Gursh, Dean Hamilton, Don Hood, Rich Long, Ron Moyer, George Oakes, David Pierce, Rob Schwartzwelder, Dennis Wallace, Pat Walsh, John Willmann, Tim Zierman. 

     Special thanks to Vicky Rosen, Kay Oakes, and Jackie Long.

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