Copper Canyon Adventure

by Phillip Orth 

     Our first attempt to enter Mexico at Aqua Prieta was denied.  So Bob Aalbue, Will Seeley (two guys on vacation for a week from Chicago) and myself corrected the deficiencies on our documentation and entered at Nogales without any problems.

     We rode to Hermassillo, turned left on Hwy 16 through miles of beautiful country and lots of great twisties to Basaseachic and the 900 Waterfalls.

     Then a great dirt road thru more mountains to San Juanito.  Then we continued south to Creel.  About 50 miles out of Creel is the road to Batopilas and another 45 miles of scenic riding brings you there.

     The hotels are plentiful, the food is good and the people are great.

     The Tarahumara Indians are known for basket weaving and their brightly colored clothes.  They were always friendly and glad to see us.

     Our hotel room in Creel was $40 for the three of us.  This including breakfast, dinner, and all the hot water we could stand.

     Creel is about 500 miles from Sierra Vista.    Although it is an easy one day ride, you sure would miss out on all the things there are to see in old Mexico.

    Give me a call if you want more information on the backroads of Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.  Enjoy your adventure. (520) 378-6948 (Sierra Vista, AZ) 

     [Ed. Note:  Many thanks to Bob Aalbue for sending us the pictures. 

     Bob and Will originally met Phillip in Colorado.  Seems Phillip spied them at a camp ground wondering where they should ride to.  The next day Phillip took them on a tour of the high passes they raved about for days.

     Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.  I look forward to more.

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