Chris Frey Back Home in Switzerland

Chris Frey

August 2014

Chris left Tucson a couple of months ago to return to his home in Switzerland. He sent us this report. If he is tryng to make us all jealous it is working. I think he mentioned something about having a spare bedroom.


I had initially expected to own a bike by now and bagged all passses within a days drive from where I live. Well, the weather has been really bad all summer and there have only been at most a dozen good riding days. This morning there is already fresh snow on top of the mountains I look at.
I miss the predictable weather in Tucson, but I look forward to have a few more curves closer by.

I hope you have a great fall riding season. I shall miss going to the Black Range Lodge with you guys. It's been a favorite weekend for me for the last 2 years.



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