Hoppe's B-Team returned to Nature's cathedral for the team-building exercises on Sunday morning. With the first exercise, we figured out how many riders it takes to change a tire - and accomplished the task in record time (well, in good time).  Then we did "fear-concurring" by encouraging each other to ride into the dark river once Kye Gunn walked the river bed for us and determined it safe for passage.  Next, the "trust' exercise was done by having each rider cross the second river-crossing without stopping. This was followed by the swift-water team-hand-off to get each team-member across the rock-strewn rapids of the third river crossing - followed by the drying-off period. With this complete, we hill-climbed and then descended to the spiritual center of the canyon, Chiva Falls for a much needed break (and bath for Kye following Aaron's cow-excrement-tossing competition).
Check out the truly adventurous bunch: http://www.tucsonmototours.com/teambuilding/
An awesome adventure for sure!

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