October 2015

Gail Benjamin, Ross Carroll and me, Susan O'Brien, took a three day ride to Canyon de Chelly Oct. 14-16 and enjoyed perfect fall weather mostly in the 70's with lots of blue sky. 

We stayed in Chinle at the Best Western in very nice rooms and ate at the restaurant on the premises which served a variety of Navajo, Mexican and American foods.  The next morning, we rode to the Visitor Center and watched a very good 22 minute video of the history of the canyon, then hopped back on the bikes to visit the many overlooks on the north and south rims of the canyon. 

There are several different ancient puebloan ruins which can be viewed from the overlooks, but for the best view of the canyon, we hired a jeep and guide for a three hour tour.  While it was a much wilder ride in the jeep than on bikes, our guide James was a fountain of information and entertainment.  We all agreed it was a trip of a lifetime! 

After the tour, Gail and I thought we would head for the #1 ride on the Arizona Butler Map which is Navajo Route 13.  Check it out.  It is a beautiful red rock canyon on the AZ/NM border that rises from desert floor to pine forest through a series of tight, climbing curves with spectacular views. It was a leisurely 8 hour ride from Tucson to Chinle and we could have stayed one more day for touring before heading back to Tucson on day 3.  If it stays warm, head on up now for beautiful fall colors and moderate temps.

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