Breakfast at BMW MOA Ambassadors Steve & Sally Cantrillís  

†††† Steve and Sally Cantrill have been BMW enthusiasts for many years.† Steve was the editor of the† PITS (now the AZ Beemers) newsletter for quite a few issues and was the Rally Chair for the annual RA Rally a few years back.† They do get involved.

†††† To thank their friends and fellow Beemers riders for all the good times they have had over the years, they decided to host an annual breakfast at their home in Payson.† This was the second year.† A nice excuse for a ride and a great way to say thanks.

†††† Riding up to the Mogollon Rim is always good in the Summer, itís so much cooler up there.† This year was just beautiful.†

†††† There were 13 folks who joined Steve for his special potato and egg dish.† SEAT was well represented, as we should be.† We are a riding club!††††

†††† Guests:† Mike & Doreen Connor, Doris Faircloth, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Dick & Sioux Prince, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten.† Sorry we didnít get all the Guestsí names.

††††† Weíll do better next year.† See you there!


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