How Do You Pack Your Camping Gear?

by Deryle Mehrten

How Do You Pack Your Camping Gear!

     Last month you saw what Wanda and I carry in our tank bag and under the seat.  We camp at most rallies and along with the tank bag and the compartments under the seat, we load up the rest of the bike to the limit as well.  We use BMW hard bags and the small BMW rear rack to put things in and to tie things on to.  How do you pack your gear?  Here is how we do it. 

Here is the standard stuff that goes into the hard bags.  We use a bag liner in the right bag and a mesh bag in the left.  Clothes, towels, hair dryer, tooth brushes, shoes, etc. 

Here is the Camel Back and all the other stuff we carry in our jacket pockets or in stuff sacks.  Gloves, clear shields, buddy pack, breath mints, Kleenex, comb, WeeWilly, sewing kit, tooth picks, pill box, etc.

I prefer straps over bungee cords.  The center straps are by Helen Two Wheels and the other straps Wanda made.

The tent and the ground cloth goes into the stuff sack and  is strapped on the back rack with the rain gear stuff

Our Frogg Toggs rain gear along with any other take off clothes goes into the stuff sack and is tied onto the back

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