Brass Monkey 2001
by Joe Russo

2/15/01  This was my 7th Brass Monkey and the 5th in a row for Sherry.  Itís a floating Rally, so every year it is at a different site, but with a lot of the same people.

     We left Tucson a little after 10:00 a.m.  It was cloudy and in the high 40ís.  We stopped in Gila Bend for gas and breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants (Mexican), the one right next to the old Dairy Queen.  We spent the night in Yuma at the Hacienda Hotel and had dinner at the Red Lobster.  Not really roughing it, but the Rally doesnít start till Friday.

2/16/01  We left Yuma around 10:30 a.m. not setting any land speed records and rode to Ocotillo Wells about 125 miles away.  It was a flat desert with little vegetation compared to Tucson.  From what we heard you donít find many people here in the summer.

2/17/01  Saturday morning we were up early and walked down to the local restaurant for breakfast.  Besides being the local restaurant it was the only restaurant and the food was real good.  There were all types of sand creatures at the restaurant with their sand rails, ATV, bikes, you name it.  The riders were from 5 to 50.  There was even one ultra-light that fit into the Mad Max scenario.  The plan for Saturday afternoon was for a ride to Julian.

     As more people from Tucson showed up, the plans for Julian were put off.  There were some serious BS stories about anything and everything, and one of the guys even brought a potato cannon.  We had some great fun potato cannon blasting.

2/18/01  Sunday morning we were up before the sun to pack our gear and say our good byes.  We stopped in El Centro for gas and breakfast.  We only stopped for gas, as needed the rest of the way home, enjoying our memories of the 2001 Brass Monkey Rally.

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