Yellowstone with Bob & Bob

Bob Muller

July 2012

My friend Bob Thompson and I took a bike trip to Cody, WY to visit Yellowstone National Park and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Bob rides a BMW K1200LT and I was riding my BMW R1200RT. Following are a few highlight photos and some narrative of our trip.
First stop was Canyon de Chelly. This is a photo of Spyder Rock.
This is an overlook of Flaming Gorge in UT. It was very windy here and 
we later learned that the wind was hitting 70+ MPH gusts. We had bad luck
here because the wind blew Bob's bike over and it landed on its side doing 
some minor damage. Hard to believe since his bike weighs 850 lbs.
This is the Grand Tetons in Jackson, WY. We had a very cold ride to
here. When we started in the AM it was 32 degrees and only 50 degrees
in Jackson when we arrived.
You probably have seen better photos of Old Faithful in Yellowstone.
This was our first stop in Yellowstone.
This is one of several waterfalls in Yellowstone. I don't recall the name 
of this one.
This is our bikes outside of the visitors center in Silverton, CO. We had a great
ride down the southwest side of CO. We rode Hwy. 550 (The Million Dollar Hwy)
from Ouray, CO to Durango, CO
This was taken at the top of one of the passes on Hwy. 550. The ride
down through the Rocky Mountains is beautiful.
This is one of the exhibits in the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. The center 
is made up of five different museums: Firearms, Western Art, Plains Indian
Peoples, Buffalo Bill, and Yellowstone Natural History. This is one of the
most amazing museums I have ever visited. The firearms museum has thousands
and thousands of different weapons from all periods of history and from all over the
world. We spent most of one day just visiting the center. You probably could
spend several days here to really see everything.

We only had time to spend one day touring Yellowstone. Yellowstone is truly
a crown jewel in the USA. To do it justice you really need to spend several days
touring the park. In fact, to really see the park in detail you need to stay in the park
in a lodge or camping.

Overall we had a great trip. We had some windy days, some very cold days, and 
one morning we rode in a very light rain. The hottest day was in Safford, AZ at a
104 degrees.

If you have never visited Yellowstone or Cody, WY, I recommend you consider visiting
both in your vacation travels.

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