Bisbee the long way

December 2016

While the others went to Cave Creek, Dave Swain, Ron Foltz and Jay Hirsh went to Bisbee.

Ron's Report...

The overnighter with Dave and Jay went well. Our route to Bisbee was a little longer than normal --Globe ( coffee and gas), Sanford, Fort Grant, Willcox( food and gas), Chiricahua NM (snow on the Chiricahuas), Gleason road, Tombstone and Bisbee. Turned out to be about 340 miles-- we got in at 5. The Shady Dell was interesting( check out the web site). Probably not the best bet during the winter as the space heaters were marginal. The Bisbee Breakfast Club is just across the street in Lowell. Worth the visit just to walk down Main Street-- 51 Ford police car in front of the police station, old restored (and not)cars parked on the street, old Indians and Harley's in store windows. Been to Bisbee a number of times but didn't know this area existed.

Dave's Report

I had a good ride with Ron and Jay. Did many roads I've not done before with plenty of twisties. Chiricahua was cool, Gleeson road was a kick, and the Shady Dell was very interesting. Though aluminium Airstreams aren't too air tight in the cold and little electric space heaters don't cut it in leaky Airstreams. The BBC and Lowell were very good. We did Charleston road and the Elgin Loop. Arivaca road is always fun.

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