AZBeemer 32nd Roadrunner Rally

Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

June 2013

After a year away, the AZBeemer Roadrunner Rally came back to the Camp Shadow Pines Retreat just west of Heber, AZ.  Prescott was different last year, we enjoyed the dinner inside the hall at the camp ground.  Still, the riding to and from Heber and the generous surroundings at the Heber location is hard to beat.

This year the crowd was down again.  Seems camping rallies are not in vogue right now.  Talking to the AZBeemer President and rally organizers, the number of folks coming to the Arizona rally has dropped by a dozen or two each year for the last five years.  That makes it very hard to breakeven on the cost to put on such a good rally.  Times change, we’ll see what happens next year.

There’s always a good group of SEAT members who ride up into the cooler Mogollon Rim and Arizona’s Alps.  This year the weather was pretty cool in the morning, 50s to low 40s in some area, then into the 70s in the afternoon.  Saturday morning we rode the Hwy 261 to Hwy 273 loop.  This is a two lane mountain road that heads down to Big Lake and loops back through Sunrise Park.  A most excellent Shortcut, Long Cut or Way Around.

Wanda and I enjoyed a leisurely ride up the Coronado Trail and spent Friday night at the Sportsman’s Lodge in Alpine.  We made sure Frank at the Sportsman’s Lodge knew SEAT was doing the October Fest Overnighter the third weekend of October; and we made a reservation for a bunch of folks at the Alpine Grill for Saturday the 19th of October at 5 pm.  Everything is a go.  Make your reservations early.

SEAT Members Present:  Alan Speert, Roger Salzgeber, Don Schweiger, Carl Mueller, Art Jacobson, Herb Suessenbach & Mary Lou Dobbs, Jack & Camille Herbst, Dick Sackett, Susan Wagner, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten.  Sorry if we missed you if you were there.  Let us know and we’ll add your name to the list, 


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