Tim and Patís Scenic Adventure Ride Through Southeastern Arizona

†††† Wow!† Tim and Pat did it right!† The planned adventure ride across Southeastern Arizona was a resounding success.† The lunch stop in Patagonia courtesy of Iron Horse Motorcycles was a gas.

†††† Starting from two locations, this yearís Tim Zierman and Pat Walshís Scenic Adventure Ride was to be GS friendly.† They set it up so even the big GSs like the new R1200 models easily rode the route with no problems.† A couple of the new 800 GSs,† several 650 GSs and three X-Challenges, serious off rode bikes, also made the ride with nothing but grins.†

†††† Predominately off road, the two routes did include some paved sections.† Depending on whether or not you chose the difficult sections, you would have more or less pavement.† Tim and Pat made sure riders were fully warned about the difficult sections.

†††† Wanda and I made it to the starting location in the Coronado National Memorial Visitor Centerís parking lot.† The weather was perfect and with a nice rain during the week, the riding was expected to be just as good.† It was!

†††† The Coronado group went over Montezumaís Pass and dropped down into the valley below.† The view from Montezumaís Pass is awesome, you can see to the Gulf on a clear day from the upper most look out.† This was a scenic adventure ride and no one was disappointed.

†††† The bigger group started at the Madera Plaza parking lot in Continental off of I-19.† They headed out towards Box Canyon and eventually to Highway 83 riding through the Santa Rita Mountains.† The paved portion of the ride was pretty short though as they turned off 83 almost immediately and back onto dirt, as it should be.

†††† The two groupís routes came together south of Canelo, and eventually came to the Duquesne Road where the decision had to be made to either stay on the easy part or take the more difficult route.† Flux Canyon, the hard way, didnít get a lot of takers.

†††† All the riders made it to the lunch stop in Patagonia just fine.† Only John Willmann, an esteemed SEAT member, had a problem and it wasnít that bad.† Everyone we saw who rode up to get a sandwich and drink courtesy of John Cartwright of Iron Horse Motorcycles had a big grin and nothing but good to say about the course.

†††† Now the question is:† Will Tim and Pat do another one.† Well, when I called to ask Tim a couple of questions about the ride, his wife Vicky said he wasnít home right then.† Seems Tim and a fellow rider were out scouting another route through the Santa Rita Mountains.† So...yes!† The route planning is already under way.

†††† Several years back SEAT member Terry Hopkins did some off road riding and told us all about the Dirty SEATs and all the fun they had riding off road through some of Arizonaís best.† Itís good to have the Dirty SEATs back!

†††† Thanks to all the SEAT members (19 if we counted right) and all the other riders who did the ride.† Stay tuned for more on the next one!

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