My New Riding Partner
by Bill Schink

†††† I walk three plus miles each morning and my route took me past a bitch tied to a chain and assigned to a small plastic dog house.  In February she whelped and because she was just skin and bones I tossed her a large dog biscuit as I passed each morning. 

†††† Soon the pups appeared and in April I broke off a piece of the usual biscuit and gave it to one of the pups.  He followed me home despite my efforts to the contrary.  I put him in the car and returned him to his Mom but before I could get in my car to leave, he was on the carís floor, TWICE! 

†††† That afternoon I took him back to his home.† The folks there had returned and pleaded with me to take him as they needed to be rid of the pups.  I call him ďRiderĒ and have attached a crate behind me on the KLR 650 motorcycle so he can ride with me.  He loves it, especially the ice cream cone he gets as a reward. 

†††† Iíll definitely be glad when heís past the chewing stage because so far his destruction includes his sleeping pad, two pillows, the wood on two living room chairs, a $2K hearing aid, the driverís seat belt and passengerís head rest in the car and too many small things like shoes and such to name.  They tell me Iíve got another year before heíll become a dog and be over this phase.  I can hardly wait! 

†††† As he has grown I've had to accommodate by enlarging the crates and finally had to go to metal.  Now I need to figure out how to block the wind so he can ride in the winter.  Any suggestions are welcome!

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