London Bridge Crossing - March Discover Arizona 2011 Ride 

     At the time we began planning the London Bridge Crossing ride, we did not know it would be THE Spring Break weekend in Lake Havasu for college students from around the country.  We were not disappointed either…the mainland side of the Island Inlet was packed with young kids doing all those things that young kids do on spring break!  Some of the boats idling by were monsters, big money, and filled with spring breakers.  It was a great show!

     Don Cameron came over from Deming, New Mexico to join Wanda and me on the ride up to Lake Havasu City.  We planned the ride through a couple of Tohono O’Odham Indian Nation back country roads that neither Don nor Wanda and I have ridden before.  The scenery wasn’t what I would have liked, even so, it was better than droning down the interstate.  At Parker we crossed into California and did the loop around Parker Dam on the California side.  It was an eye opener, so much construction on both sides of the Colorado River.  Nice road, too.

     What a great surprise it was when we met Nora & Kelly Spicer at the Island Inn Hotel parking lot just as we were checking into our room.  They brought the number of SEAT riders who would be at Saturday night’s dinner to eight - Don Cameron, Ed Birch, Nora & Kelly, Deb & Gary Blomstrom, and Wanda & Deryle.  And what a great dinner it was.  Our table was along the window so we had a great view of the London Bridge and the occasional boat that rumbled by.

     The Barley Bros did us well that night, the food and service was excellent.  We were all having such a good time we kind of over stayed.  After a friendly hint by the Maitre d’ that they needed the table, we hugged and said our goodbyes.  Sunday morning we would all be heading in our separate directions home.  What a great overnighter!       

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