Charouleau Gap - Len Robbins

May 2016

The ankle was feeling a little better, so a couple of days ago I put on my trusty old brace, slapped on the MX boots, and took the beast out for a ride.

I haven't been over the Gap in about 10 years now, so after doing much of the bike set-up work I wanted, I decided to take it for a test spin to the top of Charouleau Gap. Found that pretty easy, so I went further. And further. And wow... the lower road, on the other side, has gotten really, really tough. It was never all that easy, but since the fire, I think the floods afterwards must have washed the stream beds down badly. Boulder fields were a 1/4 mile long in places. Beach ball sized engine smashers everywhere. A lot of work, but a lot of fun, too.

The new KTM is really something. Ran like a champ, tons of torque and a fantastic suspension. Now, if only the rider was in better shape... :)

Nice cool water flowing in the upper reaches of the CDO stream.

the hill told me I needed a break, so I took a breather and snapped a shot. I took care to hold the camera level and plumb, so no tricks with angles. Steep as a snow roof. And yes, stopping
was the easy part.

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