BMW Motorrad Days 2011
by Deborah Blomstrom

     BMW Motorrad Days 2011 took place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany 1-3 July and I was there.  We had been planning the trip for many months and I had printed the program before I went so Id get the most out of my time there.  The event was similar and yet different from the BMW MOA Rally.  There were countries instead of states (Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, and Australia, to name a few).  There was no cost to enter to see the vendors or take advantage of the many different activities.  It started Friday at 9am and went until 4pm on Sunday.  The community joined in the festivities during the day and the evening.  The vendors started breaking down a little before 4 but beer was sold right up until 4.  

     You had the opportunity to test drive BMWs and dirt bikes.  They had a dirt bike area and a track for GS riders to drive up the mountain.  They had the GS challenge and movies including last year's GS Trophy.  Chris Pfeiffer was there to do stunts several times during the three days.  There were dirt bike demonstrations and an area for the children to drive bikes.  

     There was lots of camping but the sign said in German and English: no parking on the meadow.

     There was a large beer and food tent with a variety of food (ox, sauerbraten, schweinebraten, bratwurst, soup and salad, cheese plate and numerous deserts).  I met up with a group from the Black Forest while drinking beer on Friday evening and shared a beer or two with them.  If you should meet someone from Germany wearing a SEAT shirt don't be surprised.  I gave them three of them.

     Jim Strang gave me an Ironhorse shirt and some key chains.  I gave the shirt to a man from BMW Sales and Marketing and gave the key chains to both adults and children, German and American.

     If you bought a commemorative pin then you were eligible for a drawing for a new motorcycle.  You had to be there for the drawing which was in the beer tent in the evening.  I was there for both drawings and although I didn't win one I did see a man from Australia win the GS. 

     I had an opportunity to drive an X5 on a par course.  There were other models available too, to demonstrate the 4 wheel drive ability. 

     Germany has wonderful roads for riding.  I understand why they have the event in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  While driving/touring I watched a woman driver on dirt in a construction area and as she took her feet off the pegs and almost put them down as she traveled slowly, I felt her pain.

     There were a variety of motorcycles everywhere but there really is nothing like the sound of a BMW no matter where you hear it.

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