An Interview with Dr. Gregory Frazier


     Last week we were lucky to be home when Dr. Gregory Frazier came by to visit.  Greg comes into Sierra Vista on a regular basis to visit his Dad.  What a good boy!

     Greg was just getting back from California after attending an On Any Sunday reunion.  This is one of the all time classic motorcycle movies.  Maybe better described as a documentary of riding and racing back in the 60s and 70s.

     First released in 1971, some of the stars are legends in the motorcycle world.  Malcolm Smith and Steve McQueen are but two of the many riders that were part of Bruce Brown’s production.  Imagine the stories and adventures the Sunday stars must have in their play book.

     The next stop for Greg will be the Very Boring Rally that will take place at the Aerostich / RiderWearHouse World Headquarters in Duluth, Minnesota. The rally will feature riding related seminars and shows from motorcycling greats like Dr. Gregory Frazier, Max Burns, and Ted Simon.  Quite a group of ‘round the world riders.

     Greg has plans for another book in the near future.  He is also involved in several tours that are through some of the wildest locations on earth.

     We only have one Honorary Member in SEAT and who better than the legend in the making, Dr. Gregory Frazier. 

     Visit Greg’s web site for more on his latest adventures.


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