4 Corners of Arizona

by Doug Arnold 

     On our way last Sept. to ride the BMW hosted ride in Cedar City, UT we stopped to visit the 4 Corners Monument riding our '97 R1100RT.  It was one of those rare days when there wasn't a 40 mph wind blowing and the whole day was gorgeous.  Very interesting getting there and after reading all the info about the monument we're glad we made the trip.

     I did the San Luis and Douglas as individual day trips out of Phoenix on my '97 BMW R1100RT.  San Luis was very clean and interesting, I rode around for a bit just to see the city and I was glad I did.  I used to haul cattle from Douglas/Aqua Prieta back in the late 70's and have always loved the area so a trip to Douglas was a treat.  It's grown a bit but I can still see the old cattle corrals and chutes where we used to load the cattle.

     Yesterday morning I got up and left the hotel just a little bit after 5am.  Went up I-17 to Flagstaff where I fueled and had breakfast at Miz Zip's which is an old 50's style restaurant on Route 66.  Food was good and I'll eat there again anytime.  Just followed 89 from there up to just south of Page where I took 89A over towards Freedonia and connected with 389 which took me into Hurricane, UT.  From there it was a short hop to I-15 on into Beaver Dam/Littlefield.  From my understanding Beaver Dam/Littlefield is the only Arizona city on I-15.

     The post office is just off the interstate and very small, while I was setting up my tripod many people picking up their mail questioned me on what and why I was taking a picture.  They thought I was funny when I told them that they (Beaver Dam/Littlefield) was somewhat famous and a challenged destination for SEAT (which I thoroughly explained who and what SEAT was).  Everyone was really nice and asked a lot of questions of not only why I was there but about my bike and motorcycling in general.  It was a very good time I had meeting them and talking with them.

     Weather was awesome and feeling very good, I decided to opt for Las Vegas/Kingman as my route home.  The new bridge they're building up and over Hoover Dam is incredible.  I've heard talk about it but to be able to look up and see it and see how the new highway is coming along was a real treat.  They will have special parking areas for people who wish to stop and visit Hoover Dam so that will take some of the pressure off of the dam roads and infrastructure which I'm all for.  Many years ago my wife and I took a tour of the dam called the "Hard Hat Tour" which they no longer give thanks to the 9/11 incident.  You really have no idea of the immensity of the dam until you get to go deep down inside of it and trust me it is awesome.

     Last but no least I made it home around 7:40pm, wife was waiting for me when I pulled into the hotel parking lot (we live at the hotel) and started with her 100's of questions.  Even our son was watching over my shoulder from his home in South Carolina thanks to the SPOT tracking system, had a tough time getting it to lock in but it's amazing what a new set of batteries can do.

     The whole trip from door to door was 855 miles, gotta love the BMW RT's for laying down some serious and effortless miles.  Got this challenge out of the way and now I can see about the other SEAT challenges that await Terry and I.  Ride Safe!



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