2012 Roadrunner Rally

Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

October 2013

The AZBeemer Roadrunner BMW Rally and the Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, AZ

After quite a few years hosting their BMW Motorcycle rally in Heber on the Mogollon Rim, this year the AZBeemes moved their Roadrunner Rally to the YMCA Sky-Y Camp just a few miles south of downtown Prescott, Arizona.  Located in the deep pines of the Prescott National Forest, the Sky-Y Camp was a bit different, not bad, just a bit different.  The central meeting hall was big enough to hold most if not all the folks who made the fajita dinner Saturday night.  And walking around the campgrounds we saw a lot of campsites that were in the shade and seemed to be on soft ground.  
Our route to the Rally took us through Safford and Globe, and past Roosevelt Lake.  We stopped at the Vineyard lake access and were surprised at how low the lake was.  In past years the water was right up to the rock barrier.  This year we could walk another hundred yards out before putting a foot in the lake’s water.  Arizona is definitely in a drought. 
Payson is a couple dozen miles past the lake and is our usual gas stop when heading north.  From there it’s through Pine and Strawberry then up to the Highway 260 cutoff.  It’s been a few years since we took 260 over to Camp Verde.  Still a very nice ride for sure.  A bit of freeway down to Highway 169, the General George Crook Trail, then it’s Highway 69 into Prescott.  A few miles past the 169/69 junction we began to see signs for photo enforcement of the speed limit.  I must have been asleep as a camera went off as we passed by it and looking down I was 11 over the limit.  Bummer… 
We got into Prescott around 2 pm Friday.  We checked into the Hassayampa Inn, our home away from home for the next two nights, then rode over to the Sky-Y Camp to sign into the rally.  The road out to the Sky-Y is nicely paved, and it’s about 7 miles from downtown.  We rode up into the pines above Prescott passing several campgrounds and some very nice private residences on the way to the rally site.  We did see a local Law Enforcement Officer parked along the way ensuring all those Beemer riders stayed at least close to the speed limit.  
Friday night rather than do the rally chili we decided to eat at the Prescott Brewery right across the street from the Prescott Courthouse.  Art & Katherine Jacobson and Alan Speert joined us at the brewery.  After a couple of the Brewery’s finest, we headed back to the Hassayampa for a well-deserved night’s rest.  
Saturday we rode over to the rally with the smoke of the Gladiator Fire very visible and not that far away.  At the rally site there were three or four vendors set up, and the BMW MOA rider trainer was up and running in one of the large buildings in the camp.  The door prizes after the Saturday night dinner were very nice with a couple of exceptional prizes donated by the host BMW dealer, Victory BMW.  Our only disappointment was the Saturday night dinner of chicken and/or beef fajitas.  It wasn’t as good as past dinners we’ve enjoyed at the Roadrunner Rally…not sure why.  Sorry to say we did not stay for theBelly Dance entertainment Saturday night.  I’m sure it was a hoot!  
Although SEAT has been a real presence at past Roadrunner rallies, this year there were only ten SEAT members that we recognized:  Art & Katherine Jacobson, Alan Speert, Jack Herbst, David Lyle, Roger Salzgeber, Ian & Kim Colby and Deryle & Wanda Mehrten.  Sorry if we missed any other SEAT members.  Good seeing everyone.
When staying in Prescott Wanda and I usually stay in the old Hotel St Michael right on Whiskey Row.  This time around we went first class thanks to the $250 gift certificate for the Hassayampa Inn SEAT members gave us at the 2011 SEAT Christmas party.  An old, historic Inn, the Hassayampa did not disappoint.  Elegant furniture and a beautiful lobby surrounded us as we walk into the Inn.  The Concierge immediately asked if we needed any help with our gear and with the elevator up to the 2nd floor.   We were pampered by the inn staff at every turn.  Thanks SEAT for such a great gift.
Ride safe…

Roger Salzgeber at the registration tent.  Nice classic BMW riding gear.  Looks good!

SEAT members at the registration tent Friday afternoon.  Nice hair Katherine!

Deryle and Jack checking out the goodies at one of the vendor's tent.

The front porch of the main Meeting Hall.  Quite a collection of grey hairs.

Art and Katherine Jacobson giving us the SEAT wave!  Art is only 82 and 1/2!

That's Ian and Kim with their pristine white Gold Wing.  Good folks!

Dinner at the Prescott Brewery.  Good eats, good beer, great company!

The Saturday night dinner in the main meeting hall.  Dinner was chicken or beef fajitas.

The hall was big enough to seat most everyone who came to the rally.

That's Wanda in the dinner line with Angie and Shelley of the Rim Riders, another AZ BMW Club.

The host BMW dealer's tent.  Thanks for all the great door prizes.

Wanda at the Centennial Tree planted in the park at the Court House on Whiskey Row.

The row of flags and lots of Arizona history leading into the County Court House.

The Hassayampa Inn with Wanda at the entrance showing off our K1200GT.

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