Gleeson Road

Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

August 2014

Gleeson Road, Cochise County – A new Shortcut, Long Cut or Way Around!

The ghost town of Gleeson is about half way between Tombstone and Elfrida on aptly named Gleeson Road.  This road has been a shortcut between Highway 80 and Highway 191 for many years even though it was an unimproved, sometimes hard packed dirt road, there was always some traffic.  Over the last 10 years or so the County has been methodically paving Gleeson Road a few miles at a time.

Well it’s now finished!  In the middle of August 2014 the last piece of pavement was opened for traffic.  Gleeson Road is now a great Shortcut, Long Cut or Way Around for the rider who prefers pavement only.  The road is mildly twisty with a few blind corners and at least 4 or 5 cattle guards.  The scenery this time of year [monsoon rains] is awesome, there’s every shade of green with a rainbow of wild flowers mixed in. 

What’s left of Gleeson is located between mile marker 13 and 14, and does have a few inhabitants.  Nothing like its heyday of over 500 people back in the early 1900s.  The 1910 Jail at the intersection of High Lonesome Road and Gleeson Road has been restored with guided tours by appointment only.  There are several other unrestored buildings and the Gleeson Cemetery viewable from the road.  The buildings are all quite dilapidated.  Further east there’s an Historical Marker for Soldiers Hole…lots of history in this part of the world.

Next time you’re in the Tombstone area try Gleeson Road.  It’s nice to have a new Shortcut, Long Cut or Way Around!

Ride smart…

Deryle & Wanda Mehrten


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