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From Greg Frazier. He is a world traveler and a SEAT member.

Followers of Generator Adventure:
The first picture is a outside workshop where I had my generator re-wound - $80.00 USD.  Would have cost me 5-10 times as much for a replacement.  Other picture shows in the inside of the workshop with my generator on the bench.  This is Thailand, not a German workshop  LOL

Work came with a guarantee!  Only God, Jesus or Buddha knows it it's any good.   $40 for shop time to take out and put back in, plus check that its charging (13.65-85). 

Sooo, my big bike is back on the street after a month of being here...err month and a half.

Dr. G, from the Land of Smiles (and where the natives are very restless this week

Down & Out in Patagonia, Kamchatka and Timbuktu

Dr. Gregory W Frazier has been described as "one of the worlds most well traveled motorcyclists" and "America's #1 extreme adventure rider". He is also a regular Tucson visitor and an honorary member of SEAT. He is offering all SEAT members a 26% discount off the purchase price of his new adventure riding book. The crash scene on the cover o the book comes from Arizona, the day Frazier went down at 2 mph in soft sugar sand and broke his leg above the ankle. He spent the next hour waiting in the hot Arizona sun for someone to com along to help him right the motorcycle. None came and Frazier eventually had to off load all the luggage and side panniers to manage the motorcycle upright. Like the book title, Frazier was Down and Out.... out of luck!

The book is available through Motorbooks by clicking this link.

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