Seat Challenges

So you have the "itch" do you but you don't know where to ride? Well try one of these SEAT Challenges.

For each of these tell us about your trip and include some photos. Send your report here.

Here is a list of those that have completed challenges

"Weird Arizona - Roadside Oddities"

There are some very strange and weird things that can be found along and near Arizona highways. Your challenge is to visit all of them.

"Arizona National Parks and Monuments"

There are 3 Arizona National Parks
13 Arizona Nation Monuments
9 National Memorials, National Historic Parks, National Historic sites, National Recreation areas, National Heritage Areas and National Historic Trails.
These are three seperate challenges.

Click here to view what they are.


"Arizona Scenic Roads"

Ride all 26 state and federal designated Arizona Scenic Roads, Parkways and American Byways.

These are the Arizona Scenic Roads

"The Four Corners of Arizona - Know your way around Arizona!"

Ride your bike to the 4 corners of Arizona taking a photo identifying the location. In any order go to

4 Corners Monument at the northeast corner of Arizona.
Beaver Dam - Littlefield Arizona
San Luis Arizona
Douglas Arizona

"Park Your Bike at the Parks - Touring Arizona's State Parks"

Visit all 29 Arizona state parks and take a photo of the entrance sign of each.

List of the state parks

"The Arizona County SEAT Ride - A view of the SEATs"

Visit all 15 county seats and take a photo of the county court house of each.

A map and list of all the counties

"The Dam SEAT Ride - How much water is in Arizona?"

How many are there? According to Wikipedia there are 28.

Upon completion of your ride send the webmaster Craig Littlefield your name(s), the kind of bike you rode, the dates of the trip, pictures of you and your bike at the various sites and any comments that you would like to make about your trip.

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